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Waxing and Brows

A temporary, easy and safe option to remove unwanted face and body hair!

Wax is a temporary hair removal method. We perform wax services on all body parts such as the face, back, arms, legs, chest, bikini, brazilian and underarm. We use safe & effective wax products that removes hair in a calm manner. Our beauty therapist have been trained to perform this service so it almost painless and extremely safe.

We use professional products that will not irritate the skin and finish up with an azuline oil massage on the wax location. Your skin is exfoliated by the wax so it is important to stay away from chemical treatments and stop all deep exfoliation treatments or products a week before coming for your wax service, especially on the face. Call for prices and more info

Temporary and Safe

Waxing pulls hair from the root. This results in the skin remaining smooth from the period the follicle regenerates to when the regrown hair reaches the surface of the skin. Usually, this process lasts from three to four4 weeks.

Treatment Benefits

Less Hair Regrowth
No Cuts & Bruising
No Irritation or Allergies
Improved Skin Texture

Pricing & Rates

Face Waxing Price
Upper Lip N5000
Chin N5000
Full Face N5000
Eye Brow N5000
Body Waxing Price
Basic V N5000
Bikini N5000
Brazillian N5000
Under Arm N5000
Half Arm N5000
Full Arm N5000
Half Leg N5000
Full Leg N5000
Spot Wax N5000
Men's Waxing Price
Back Full/Half N5000
Shoulders N5000
Chest N5000
Abdomen N5000
Neck N5000