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Facial Radiance

4 oz

Facial radiance a special brightening face toner is a specially formulated liquid toner that is very important part of your skincare regimen. Our toner contains nutrients and anti-inflammatory agents to exfoliate, remove excess oil, promote new skincell production and collagen formation, leaving a healthy, youthful glow and toned skin.


  • Helps lighten skin.
  • helps to clear acneic trouble skin.
  • Exfoliates, softens and lightens the skin.
  • Removes excess oil and dirt on the skin
  • Promotes new skin cell production
  • Promotes Collagen formation

How to use

After washing and drying face, put a little toner ina cotton ball to clean the face to remove residual oil.Also apply to knuckles, underarm and other dark areas. Do this twice to remove all residue. Leave to dry before applying our celia glow Cream, Serum or Oil. Use morning and night.