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Your body will feel truly pampered with our body treatment and will thank you for it!


 The Ultimate Body Glow Treatment
This is our signature body treatment, a must for everyone. This treatment targets the health and look of the skin while addressing pure relaxation for the client. The skin is exfoliated with a customized scrub, steamed and later massaged with lightening oil with argan oil. This leaves the skin replenished with essential nutrients, smooth, soft and pleasing to the eyes and touch.

Detoxifying Body Wrap
Awaken the senses from head to toe. Begin with the tingling effect of a full-body dry exfoliation, followed by a refreshing application of a Toning Mist. This prepares the skin to receive the hydrating benefits of the herbal wrap. As the cooling sensation sets in, you are wrapped in a warm blanket to retain body heat or a sauna.

Complexion Blending Treatment
This VIP treatment blends the complexion and gives you a beautiful radiant glow. We use a combination of natural lighteners with botanical extracts to bring the skin to complexion evenness. Please see a specialist for this procedure and pricing

Cleansing Body Masque
This detoxifying body mud wrap treatment harnesses the power of the sea to draw out impurities from the skin and add vital minerals back into the skin. A light scalp massage, shower and moisturizer will complete your sense of well-being.

Body Polish
Your body is rejuvenated from head to toe with a dry brush exfoliation and scrub. Dead surface skin that is then whisked away with hot steam towels. We finish with a shower and moisturizer.

Anti-Cellulite Treatment
Remove the “orange peel” look on the body by breaks down cellulite to firm, tone and hydrate the appearance of the body. This treatment enhances circulation, eliminates toxins and improves tone and firmness of the skin. It combines exfoliation, compuslim body toning treatment and a sophisticated massage with a firming oil and mystique for a smoothing firming and slimming effect. Your skin will feel softer, with a youthful glow.

Exfoliating Back Treatment
An ideal treatment for people with back acne or who want a more even skin on the back. We begin with a dry brush exfoliation followed by a polish scrub and steamy hot towels to cleanse your skin of cellular impurities. We then perform a back and neck massage  treatment and finish with a soothing lotion.



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