A Beauty & Wellness company

At Priscilla’s Pride we are dedicated to health, beauty and wellness. We offer today’s progressive men and women a unique solution where they can relax and experience world class beauty & wellness services, products and programs. We are a trusted company where you can get expert solutions to create beautiful skin, lose weight and create your ideal body, destress and refresh your mind & body, replenish your energy and renew your whole self.

We specialize in beauty & skin treatments such as Laser Hair Removal, Non Surgical Face & Body Lift, Clinical Facials for Problem Skin, Complexion Blending, Relaxing Stress Relief Massages, Slimming & Fat Blasting, Wellness Programs and much more. Our weight-loss & slimming center is equipped with top of the line slimming equipment to help you burn more calories, reshape your body and lose weight fast.

Yes at Priscilla’s Pride, it’s all about you.